Floral Styles and Trends

trendsWell, in my experience dealing with engaged couples planning their “big day”, there are two things – either you are setting the trend or following a trend. Clients settingĀ  a trend are more adventurous and creative while those following the current or past trend are more reserved and safe. There is nothing wrong with either one – it just depends on the personality of the client. The only one thing that I advise my clients is – that it is their big day and there could be thousands of factors in their decision making, but at the end of the day, nothing matters except what they personally have dreamed of for wedding day.

So why do we have trends then? Trends are like fads that come and go but it is most likely a marketing propaganda. Normally, what we repeatedly see, hear and do become the trend. But it doesn’t mean that you have to follow the trend. Trends can be a good guide to what’s in and what’s not, but we as professional florist can guide you better to make that good decision.

Speaking of flowers, there are two basic trend-makers – the floral design itself and color. Color is self-explanatory but the floral design is something that only trained people can do. Anybody can put flowers on a vase – so you think? There is more substance in floral arrangement than you think and as an example, there are several ways of arranging 3 red roses in a vase that only an expert floral designer can achieve.